SMS donates SCR 1,5 million of equipment

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Seychelles Medical Services (SMS) made a donation of approximately SCR 1.5 million worth of cutting-edge equipment to the Ministry of Health (MoH) yesterday. These items will be used by both the Public Health Laboratory and Clinical Laboratory. They were handed over to Dr. Danny Louange, CEO of the Health Care Agency, in the presence of Public Health Commissioner, Dr. Jude Gedeon. The new equipment will contribute to various medical applications, such as forensic analysis, genetic disease diagnosis, and pathogen detection for viruses like Hepatitis B and C, HIV, chlamydia, and more. These tools hold tremendous potential for enhancing research capabilities and improving patient care at Seychelles hospitals and healthcare facilities.

In addition to laboratory equipment, SMS also provided bio-safety cabinets, DNA replication and detection machines, refrigeration systems, safety gear, storage solutions, and PCR extraction and replication equipment, along with consumables such as micropipettes that bolster safety measures for medical operations and examinations within the hospital setting. Having opened in April 2021, SMS worked alongside the MoH all throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, being the first private company outside the public service to provide a large-scale testing programme.Being a mobile service, they have provided over 105,000 medical consultations to tourists and locals alike in the comfort of their own homes, hotels, and offices. Their medical staff is fully and appropriately trained and registered with the Seychelles Medical Council, the Nursing Council, and other relevant bodies, ready to give you the assistance you need at any and all times. As SMS embarks on its next phase, it has expanded into a 24/7 Doctor Service. Operating under the motto “Why come to us when we can come to you?”, SMS’ team travels to hotels, individuals’ homes, and elderly care establishments to facilitate ease of access to medical assistance when one is feeling unwell. When speaking with the Director of SMS, Mr. Justin Etzin, he described how, as they expand and change their offerings, they want to donate their equipment to the MoH. “This equipment could have gone to other markets; it could have been sold at a considerable price. But Seychelles needs that equipment. It needs to grow and expand,” he said.