Justin Etzin

About OOOF

The mission of the One Ocean, One Future Foundation is to raise global awareness and prevent the destruction of our fragile oceans.

Justin Etzin founded OOOF and since then, OOOF has been creating infrastructure to protect the natural state of ecosystems and collaborating with other foundations and conservations teams to raise funds and awareness.

How OOOF will achieve these goals

We believe that in order for the oceans to be saved, there needs to be a fundamental change in our thinking. There is no challenge currently facing the ocean that does not have a solution.

The OOOF Foundation works with influencers from the world of Film, Music, Art & Fashion to raise global awareness to prevent the destruction of our fragile oceans. We also collaborate on a number of projects to create infrastructure to preserve the natural state of fragile habitats

OOOF's projects

The One Ocean, One Future Foundation is helping to develop new technology and a new form of architecture specifically designed for delicate ecosystems. It is our goal to develop a new type of architecture where the structures are fully self-sufficient, utilising solar and wind power, and can be installed and removed without disturbing the surrounding area

While these zero impact structures are being specifically designed for delicate ecosystems, we believe that this technology is key for future developments across the world and reducing the impact humans have on the environment.

Discover The Seychelles

The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, located 1500 km East of mainland Africa. 
This remarkable country is one of the worlds leaders in conservation, with 42% of the land reserved for
conservation efforts to protect endangered wildlife.
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